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Thương hiệu: KENWOOD

Mã sản phẩmFLDTE

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Giá: Liên hệ


Trạng thái:Có hàng

Kích thước:170 x 100 x 160 mm

Trọng lượng:2.5kg/Bộ

Bảo hành:12 tháng

Số lượng: :
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Built-in Wi-Fi, 7inch WVGA Capacitive Touch Screen AV Receiver
Advanced full-feature package with built-in Navigation System.


Android Auto




is an app that makes it easier to use Google apps
such as Google Maps, Google Play Music, 
your phone's dialer, etc. You can get the Android 
Auto app on Google Play. Android Auto is available 
with Android phones running 5.0 (Lollipop) or higher.

*The service may not be available in certain countries.
For details, see: http://www.android.com/auto/


Apple CarPlay



takes the things you want to do with your iPhone while 
driving and puts them right on the DDX9/DNX9 & 5 
series screen.
You can get directions, make calls and listen to music, 
all in a way that allows you to stay focused on the road.
Just plug in your iPhone and go. CarPlay is compatible 
with iPhone 5 and higher iPhones.

*The service may not be available in certain countries.
For details, see: 



Built-in "Air Mirroring" over Wi-Fi®


Air Mirroring is a groundbreaking solution for seamlessly
displaying your Android apps on a DDX9/DNX9 series screen
without cables or a network connection. 
2-way communication (touch control) can be supported for
selected Android Smartphones.


Spotify on Kenwood

2-Way Communication



Ability to control content from the Spotify App on iPhone and Android devices 
as a dedicated source on the receivers. Listeners can play and skip tracks,
browse playlists, albums and radio stations via the Kenwood touch screen.
Spotify works over Bluetooth for Android devices and Bluetooth or USB cable for iPhone.

For service availability in your country, check www.spotify.com


Works with Simplified ADAS, DRV-N520.


You can operate the DRV-N520 via the DDX9/DNX9 & 5 series screen. If a collision occurs, 
the Incident Detection G-sensor will automatically save the footage of the incident. 
The integrated camera also allows for forward collision warning and lane departure warning.

A dash-camera with Simplified ADAS, Advanced Driver Assistance System. 

Camera Dimensions : W:79mm x H:21.5mm x D:48mm
Angle of field : Horizontal ; 117º Vertical : 63º

*ADAS function uses the image processing technology commonly used in a digital camera, and its operating accuracy is realized only within the limits of the technology. It may not work as intended in some situations.


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